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Mission Statement
Suez formed in downtown Los Angeles' Arts District in 2015.

The mission of the band is to create an exceptional live experience that concert-goers can escape into with projections and provoking lyrics. Suez aims to release one album every year until the end of time. The band name comes from Jareb's childhood alter-ego Sue Z Horizon and each studio album aims to provide a more full expression of her brazen pop rock stylings

Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards Jareb Liewer
Bass/Guitar Forrest Moon
Drums/Percussion Carlos Militante



Here's the deal, it's a miracle we're here together now. This is real, we have come together somehow. You got that beauty that makes a human wanna kneel down. You are truly the mirror image of the lost and found. You're a sign. Take my hand and we can cross the land, the sea and the sky,. I am not your typical uninterested guy. You're a power, this is the hour to let your spirit fly. You could be the answer for the where, when, how and why. You're a sign.


Over, may be all of the worst Relegated to booze to try and quench our thirst You know how we do, the midwest wanting to escape to the coast, the coast, the best the best, the best Hi, hi, hi, hi, where are you? This morn you'll join sojourn you're warm and born anew The precipice is very near the edge you wedge your head in is medicine and crystal clear Chamomile, give it to me, to me, to me I can't wait no more


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